Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Path to Glory

Critical Hit will be hosting an Age of Sigmar Path To glory campaign starting on the week of March 11th.  Through out the campaign You will have the chance to achieve Eternal glory through out this multi week event. We will be hosting 2 missions a week with a chance to gain glory points in either of them until 4 people receive glory and then participate in a 1v1v1v1 for the top spot.  At any time on each week you may organize games for the campaign using one of that’s weeks mission to a max of 2 games per week.



  1. Eternal glory with be achieved through either gaining 5 additional followers, or having 10 glory points not spent

  2. After each match you will be awarded 2 “rolls” per week, either at the end of each game (1 each mission) or end of the week, and then 1d3 glory points for a win (1 for each mission).

  3. You may add new models to a unit until that unit receives a follower reward, after receiving a follower reward no further models may be added to that unit

  4. Glory points do not equal “rolls”

  5. Records will stay in store, record after each game and roll for all tables and rewards in store with your opponents

  6. 1 army per person, get 1 test game to try the army or general, the game still counts but once you switch either armies or a general you are stuck with it

  7. Honor system for army rosters, sheets will be provided at start, but record all followers, and rewards after each game please

  8. We will be using battle traits, command traits, and 1 artifact,

  9. The artifact and command traits can be switched at the start of each battle

  10. You can only receive glory from your first game of each mission a week.

  11. Currently running from the Older path to glory book, will be doing the new one if it comes out in time or during, but not the Malign Sorcery book

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