Well, Met Traveller,


You seem to be in need of various food and libations. Worry not for Critical Hit Gaming Lounge has you covered. We have many forms of sandwiches, paninis and various delicious ales for you to partake in, and it will not cost you more than a few silver.


Find your adventure today!



Alcoholic Drinks

Beers:                                                     $5.00

Coors Light

Bud Light


Alexander Keith's

Land Shark

Ciders:                                                  $6.00

Liquor (1.5 oz)                                   $5.00

Rum (Bacardi White)

Rye (Crown Royal)

Vodka (Absolut)

Irish Creme

Wines (6 oz)                                    $5.00

Red - Woodbridge

(Cabernet Sauvignon)

White - Woodbridge

(Pinot Grigio)

Craft Beer:                           $6.50-$8.50

Selection Varies

Non Alcoholic Drinks

Milkshakes                                            $5.00



Soda Floats                                             $4.00

Pop                                                               $1.50


Diet Coke


Crush (Orange, Cream Soda, Grape

Root Beer
Orange, and Purple Crush

Cream Soda


Deadly Grounds Coffee                    $1.50

Unlimited                                                $3.00

Tea                                                                  $1.50

Stomach Warm-Ups

Lost Woods Veggie Platter    $6.50

Carrots, Celery, Cucumber with Ranch Dip

Dragon Scales   $5.00

Salsa and Tortilla Chips

Adventurer's Essentials

$7.50-$9.00 for any panini or sandwich. Served with chips and a pickle.

Reuben Hood Panini

Rye Bread, Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Special House Sauce, Swiss Cheese

Thor's Ham-Mer Panini

Ciabatta Bread, Ham, Dijon Mustard, Swiss Cheese

Radagast's Falafel Panini

Ciabatta Bread, Falafel, Hummus, Diced Onion, Lettuce, Tzatziki Sauce

Smaug's Fire Breathing Panini

Ciabatta Bread, Hot Salami, Tomato Sauce, Provolone Cheese
(Ask for extra spicy, if you dare!)

Khorne's Beef Sandwich

Whole Wheat Bread, Corned Beef, Mustard, Swiss Cheese

Meat-Zilla Sandwich

Whole Wheat Bread, Ham, Turkey, Salami, Tomato, Onion, Lettuce, Mayo, Provolone Cheese

The Huntsman

Whole Wheat Bread, Turkey, Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce, Mayo

The Blacksmith

Create your own sandwich or panini! Ask your server for available ingredients!

Azog's Chili Wog - $6.00

Chili Cheese Dog (Vegetarian Option Available)

Critical Hit Chili - $6.00

Chili and Chips

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